Full Moon Gong

April 6th at 7:00pm

Amplify the energy of the Full Pink Moon in Libra with this celestial sound healing. We will shift our minds, bodies and spirits with the healing vibration of the gong and explore the sacred numerology and astrology of the month.   Our ancestors lived by the moon and her phases, these monthly events can strengthen our connection to the cosmos thus restoring our connection to the Earth.







Kirtan with Shantdeep

Postponed, Refunds will be sent to all who have registered. We will let you know when the new date is available for booking.

Join Shantdeep Kaur for a beautiful evening of sound and mantra at Paramdhan Kaur Yoga Studio. Shantdeep has a warm and caring vibration that will envelope you in the bliss of healing mantra. Sound is universal so whether you are familiar with mantras or completely new to the experience, each cell of your being will resonate with the collective voices of the group. There are 20 spaces available, each space is $25.00 and must be pre-reserved



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